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The Dental Practice Appraisal – A Powerful Tool in the Transition Process

The Dental Practice Appraisal – A Powerful Tool in the Transition Process

While there are several “rules of thumb” that practice brokers typically use to help their clients gain a general understanding of the fair market value of their practices, a formal dental practice valuation can serve as a valuable tool in planning for a practice transition and negotiating with potential buyers.  In this article we will exam the different appraisal methodologies that are utilized in determining the market value of a dental practice. According to the IRS, which is the primary theoretician in the business valuation world, a proper dental practice appraisal should consider three approaches:  Income, Asset, and Market. The conclusion or calculation of value for the business...
Dental Practice Financing – Apply With Confidence

Dental Practice Financing – Apply With Confidence

Purchasing a dental practice is one of the most important decisions you will make in your professional career and often unlocks the door to a considerable increase in compensation and personal freedom. Since most dentists rely on third party financing to purchase or make capital investments in their practices, it is imperative that you understand the perspective of dental lenders and how to position yourself for success when applying for practice financing. Dental practices continue to thrive despite the recent economic downturn.  Specialized dental lenders have the knowledge and experience to recognize that the dental industry is fairly insulated from adverse changes in the economy,...
The Importance of Building a Strong Team of Advisors

The Importance of Building a Strong Team of Advisors

Buying a dental practice is typically a one-time event and the largest purchase a dentist will make in his or her lifetime. While McLerran & Associates usually represents the selling dentist in our transitions, our goal is to put together a win-win transaction for all parties involved. In addition to guiding the buyer through the process of buying a dental practice, we focus on helping the buying dentist build a strong team of advisors to obtain professional guidance on each aspect of the purchase (due diligence, contract review, transition, etc.). Here is a list of advisors that we recommend a buying dentist have on their team: Dental Attorney – It is imperative to utilize an attorney...

The Process of Selling a Dental Practice

The sale of a dental practice is one of the most important events in your professional career. If handled properly, it should also be a rewarding and profitable transaction for all parties involved. To ensure a successful transition, it is important to follow these crucial steps: Begin the planning process three to five years in advance of a transition. There are countless ways to sell a dental practice. Therefore, it’s important to meet with a local practice transition consultant/broker to determine the best transition strategy to meet your individual goals leading up to and following the sale. Another advantage of beginning the process three to five years before a sale is the ability to...

Dr. Vernon Jones (Houston)

I selected McLerran& Associates because they had the most listings in the Texas Dental Journal. I was very pleased with the professional way that Patrick Johnston handled everything and always kept me informed as things progressed. I actually had a verbal agreement in one week! My practice was toured by 5 dentists during that week with one low ball offer and another reasonable offer that I negotiated on and accepted. We even had to cancel another appointment set up for the following day. The actual sale took longer then I expected but that was because of the buyer’s bank paperwork and from the landlord’s lawyer concerning the new lease. Patrick Johnston even helped with...


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