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“I highly recommend McLerran & Associates to any dentist looking for competent and honest representation in the sale of their practice.  From the first phone call and throughout the analysis and negotiations, they were straight forward, responsive, and very professional.  They had a good understanding of the local market, thus ensuring that the valuation of my practice was both agreeable to me and fair for a potential buyer.  Patrick was always available and patiently answered my many detailed questions.  Within a few days of listing my practice, I had multiple offers and the sale was completed faster than I anticipated.  I am grateful for their help and guidance throughout the transition!”

Sandra Felefli, DDS (Spring, TX)

“I was very impressed with the team at McLerran & Associates from our initial discussions to closing on the sale of my practice.  Their knowledge, responsiveness, negotiating skills, and honesty made the experience go smoothly for all parties and exceeded my expectations.  I have great confidence in recommending McLerran & Associates to any my colleagues who are looking to sell their practice.”
Brian Schroder, DDS (San Antonio, TX)

“After making the difficult decision to relocate across the country, I hired McLerran & Associates to handle the sale of my dental practice and building. Brannon Moncrief understood my unique situation and found a great buyer quickly. I listed the practice and had it sold in less than four months! He was professional, knowledgeable and had the ability to negotiate the process favorably for both parties to make the deal work. Brannon was always available to answer any questions that I had via email, text and phone and the process was very organized from start to finish. His customer service, dedication, and commitment to understanding the needs of his clients is what sets McLerran & Associates apart from their competition.”
Shana Nistar, DDS (San Antonio, TX)

“We have nothing but positive things to say about our relationship and experience with Brannon Moncrief and McLerran & Associates during the recent sale of our practice/office condo. Brannon’s professionalism, experience, thoroughness, and communication skills facilitated a smooth process from the initial valuation to closing. He set realistic expectations and was always available and responsive when needed. I highly recommend McLerran & Associates and appreciate their team’s efforts!”
David Hennington, DDS (Austin, TX)

“McLerran & Associates made the process of selling my practice of 37 years much easier than I had anticipated. Brannon Moncrief completed a comprehensive practice evaluation, provided the necessary contracts, and was always available to answer my questions. He explained each step of the process and provided me and the buyer with valuable guidance to make sure the sale was completed in an organized and timely manner. Every aspect of my practice sale was handled thoroughly and professionally. My transition into retirement was extremely smooth thanks to the help of McLerran & Associates!”
Jan Morris, DDS, (Kingsland, TX)

“I am thankful to have chosen McLerran & Associates to assist me with the sale of my dental practice. Brannon Moncrief prepared me for what to expect and did an outstanding job marketing the office as well as pre-qualifying potential buyers from a practice philosophy perspective. He worked closely with me, the buyer, and our attorneys to ensure all our questions/concerns were addressed and the transition went as smoothly as possible. I appreciate Brannon’s guidance and highly recommend McLerran & Associates to anyone looking to sell their practice.”
Wayne Ross, DDS (Bastrop, TX)

“I would like to thank Brannon Moncrief of McLerran & Associates for his excellent assistance in the sale and transition of my practice. Brannon guided me through every step of the process including evaluating the practice, quickly locating a qualified buyer, working through the contracts, and navigating the very complicated closing process. In every situation, Brannon was available, courteous, efficient, and helpful. I strongly recommend anyone contemplating a practice transition to utilize the services of Brannon and his team.”
John Stephens, DDS (Killeen, TX)

“If you are considering selling your dental practice, I highly recommend utilizing the services of McLerran & Associates. I had the pleasure of working with Brannon Moncrief and could not have been happier with my experience. The process of selling my practice and real estate was far more complicated than I had ever imagined, but Brannon made sure all of my bases were covered and found a buyer who was well qualified and the right fit for my office. Thank you to McLerran & Associates for making my practice transition as stress-free as possible!”
Dan Sciantarelli, DDS (Corpus Christi, TX)

“I want to thank Patrick and Tom with McLerran Associates – Houston for their assistance with my practice transition.  I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they located several qualified buyers and appreciate their expertise and personalized service throughout the process.  They handled all of the details associated with the practice sale while allowing me to remain focused on operating my practice.   I am happy to recommend McLerran & Associates to any of my colleagues who are considering selling their practice.”
Donald Miller, DDS (Spring, TX)

“When I reached the decision to sell the final half of my practice, I knew McLerran & Associates was the right firm to handle the task.  The sale of a partnership interest is exponentially more complicated than a typical practice transition, but Brannon Moncrief was up for the challenge. Brannon found an ideal candidate who grew up less than 50 miles from my office then helped us negotiate the terms of the sale and navigate the difficult closing process. I am now enjoying having more time off and am especially happy to have left my team and patients in the care of two excellent dentists.  I would highly recommend McLerran & Associates to anyone looking to buy or sell a practice.”
Bill Morgan, DDS (Pleasanton, TX)

“Upon making the decision to relocate, I hired McLerran & Associates to assist me with the sale of my dental practice and building. Their team excelled at handling negotiations between all parties and navigating the tedious closing process. The were extremely detailed-oriented and always available to answer questions and help guide me and the buyer through the transition. I highly recommend McLerran & Associates to anyone considering selling their dental practice/building.”
Karen Frazer, DDS (Austin, TX)

“I was encouraged to solicit the help of McLerran & Associates to handle the sale of my dental practice based on their impeccable reputation & expertise. They did not disappoint! Working with David & Brannon was a pleasure and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to sell their practice. They assisted in all matters with great patience, wisdom, and professionalism. They were readily available at all times throughout negotiations and continued that professional courtesy during the closing process. After 40 years of private practice, working with two gentlemen who were so sincere, knowledgeable and trustworthy made the transition into retirement much easier. I will be forever grateful for their diligent assistance.”  
Robert Cody, DDS (Corpus Christi, TX)

“I want to thank Brannon and David with McLerran & Associates for their hard work in assisting me with the sale of my practice. They handled my situation with compassion and professionalism and we’re always there to answer my questions and guide me through the process. Their experience and advice proved to be invaluable in making my practice transition a success.”  
Archie Imperial, DDS (Austin, TX)

“I recently completed the sale of my dental practice with the help of Brannon Moncrief and David McLerran of McLerran & Associates. Within days of signing the Listing Agreement, I had interviewed three well qualified potential buyers and had the luxury of selecting someone that I considered a good fit with my patient base and practice philosophy. Brannon was available throughout the process to provide guidance, answer questions, and do everything necessary to make this an unbelievably smooth transition. I commend Brannon for his experience, caring attitude, and attention to detail that made this a “Win-Win” transaction for both parties. I highly recommend McLerran & Associates to any dentist seeking to sell or buy a practice.”
William Hyden, DDS (Austin, Texas)

“Thank you to McLerran & Associates for their expert assistance with the sale of my dental practice.  Brannon was diligent, professional, and quickly responded to all inquiries. Their expertise and guidance enabled a smooth transition for all parties involved in the sale.”
Paul Slattery, DDS (San Antonio, TX)

“Upon deciding to sell my general dentistry practice of 39 years (66 years in my family), I was referred to McLerran & Associates by my dental supply representative. Shortly following my initial meeting with McLerran & Associates, Brannon Moncrief and David McLerran presented me with a practice evaluation/appraisal and began marketing my practice to potential buyers. Brannon worked closely with me throughout the transition process, was available to answer my questions at all times, and provided me and the buying dentist with draft agreements and referrals to experienced advisors. He made the process of selling my practice much less stressful than I had expected and we closed on the sale in less than 90 days. I highly recommend Brannon Moncrief and McLerran & Associates to any dentist considering the sale of their practice.”
Ralph Fuller, DDS (Austin, TX)

“McLerran & Associates was instrumental in making my practice transition a success. Their team found a perfect candidate for my practice and worked diligently and efficiently to bring the sale to a close. I am forever grateful to McLerran & Associates for helping me sell my practice.”
Yvonne Thomas, DDS (Baytown, TX)

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank McLerran & Associates for the very professional service they provided in the sale of my dental practice. From my first meeting to discuss the feasibility and process of the sale to the final closing, Brannon Moncrief and David McLerran were always available and responsive to my concerns. I feel McLerran & Associates fairly evaluated the practice and quickly found a suitable buyer. David and Brannon negotiated through both parties concerns to bring the sale to a successful closure. I am very comfortable recommending them to other dental professionals.”
Tim Tischler, DDS (Austin, TX)

“McLerran & Associates was highly recommended to me by a well-respected periodontist in the Austin dental community. The adjectives that were used to describe David and his colleagues were knowledgeable, fair, responsive, attentive, thorough, efficient, and professional. McLerran & Associates were all those and more. I worked mostly with David and I cannot describe how much I was impressed with his skill and experience in assisting me in the sale of my practice. David recognized the unique attributes as well as challenges of my practice. His marketing skills manifested in presenting my practice to suitable, prospective buyers. He walked me and the buyer through the negotiation process in a positive manner that led to a smooth closing. What I was most impressed with was David being fair, completely honest and straightforward with both me and the buyer throughout the process. I strongly recommend McLerran and Associates to any dentist who needs to purchase or sell a practice.”
Xuan V. Huynh, DDS (Austin, TX)

“I had heard good things about McLerran & Associates, so I engaged Brannon Moncrief to assist me with the sale of my practice and building. Brannon made the entire process go smoothly and we closed in the sale in less than 6 months (faster than expected!). Thanks to McLerran & Associates, I’m proud to have transitioned my practice to two experienced doctors who are an ideal fit for my office.”
Jay Johnson, DDS (Pampa, TX)

“I would like to thank McLerran & Associates for their invaluable guidance in the sale of my practice and office condo. After an unsuccessful attempt to sell my practice without a broker, it was a huge relief to have them come on board. Their expertise and professionalism made the complex transition process run smoothly at every turn. Within weeks of marketing the  opportunity, I received two offers from qualified candidates and we closed within a few months of accepting an offer.”
Fred Wilbur, DDS (Austin, TX)

“Knowing that McLerran & Associates helped several of my well-respected colleagues with their practice transitions made them the natural choice when it was time for me to sell my practice. Brannon Moncrief was knowledgeable, professional, and attentive throughout the process. He located a buyer who was an ideal fit for my office, obtained a full price offer, and helped us navigate the closing process in an efficient and timely manner (only 3 months from start to finish!). I am grateful to McLerran & Associates for their expertise and guidance and will encourage any of my colleagues who are looking to sell a practice to utilize their services.”
Mollie Kentor, DDS (Austin, TX)

“We had a great experience with McLerran & Associates. My wife, who is also a dentist, and I had been looking for an acquisition opportunity where we could practice together. Through our involvement in the dental community, we had developed a great relationship with Brannon & David of McLerran & Associates. They helped us navigate through a number of potential deals before finding the practice that was a perfect fit for us. Brannon was our primary contact throughout the process of purchasing the practice and he could not have been more professional or responsive. We were extremely thorough in our due diligence and Brannon was very patient with us from the beginning to the end. I have recommended McLerran & Associates to many colleagues and will continue to do so to anyone looking to buy or sell a dental practice.”
Matthew Heck, DDS (Austin, TX)

“I would like to commend Tom and Patrick at McLerran & Associates for their hard work in selling my practice so that I can transition into retirement!  They located a qualified buyer within only a couple of weeks of listing the practice and worked diligently on my behalf to bring the sale across the finish line.  Thanks again for your expertise and guidance in selling my practice!”
David S. Huffman, DDS (Houston/Humble, TX)

“I found doing business with Patrick Johnston (McLerran and Associates – Houston) to be a pleasurable experience because of his expertise in his field and his ability to handle all situations with finesse. I highly recommend him to any dentist who is considering a transition from or into a practice and for financial and transitional guidance therein.”
Lynn Hammond, DDS (Houston, TX)

“McLerran & Associates, in particular Patrick Johnston, have been a blessing to work with. Patrick was extremely receptive and flexible in understanding our transition plan to sell the office and provided his professional recommendations as well as pros and cons with other options. I trusted that Patrick had my best interest in mind and never felt pressured to make a quick decision. Having to deal with lenders, attorneys and multiple vendors, I quickly learned how valuable it was to have an experienced agent on my side. I would go back to McLerran & Associates in the future and have already recommended them to my colleagues.”
Kruti Khara, DDS (Missouri City, TX)

“After 32 years in private practice, I made the difficult decision to sell my dental practice to my associate, a highly skilled, phenomenal young dentist. Based on recommendations from staff members who were familiar with McLerran & Associates, I hired them to represent me in the sale of my office.  Brannon Moncrief walked us through each step of the process, including completing a practice evaluation, negotiating the purchase price, providing draft agreements, and working with my landlord to facilitate a lease assignment. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and always available when I had questions … even on weekends!!! This was a major life decision for me and my associate, but Brannon and McLerran and Associates made the complex transition process as pain-free as possible. I would highly recommend McLerran and Associates to anyone considering a practice transition.”
Cheryl Hubble, DDS (San Antonio, TX)

“Brannon Moncrief and his team at McLerran & Associates were outstanding throughout the process of selling my dental practice. I selected McLerran & Associates because of their stellar reputation and professionalism and am happy to add my strong recommendation to the long list of dentists who have successfully utilized their services to navigate the complex process of a practice transition. I was in private practice for 31 years and I had many questions and concerns regarding the details of the transition. Brannon was able to carefully listen to my concerns and walk me through the process step by step. After an extensive search, Brannon found Dr. Jason Megens in Connecticut!  Dr. Megens is the perfect fit to carry forward with the comprehensive, excellent care my loyal patients and staff expect and deserve. I am pleased to recommend McLerran & Associates without reservation to my colleagues who are looking for a practice broker. You will not be disappointed!”
Michael Harris, DDS (Temple, TX)

“David McLerran and McLerran & Associates recently assisted me with the sale of my dental practice. From the assessment of value through the closing, the process was as easy as one could hope for. David was always just an email or phone call away to answer all of my questions, which there were a lot of!  He facilitated the showings and was able to find a buyer and close on the sale in a timely manner. I found David to be very knowledgeable, efficient, and reliable. I have to give special kudos to David since I had asked him to help me sell me practice two years prior but backed out of the sale prior to closing. Despite my earlier hesitancy, he took me on as a client again and got the job done quickly and easily. The entire transaction was as stress free as it could possibly be and I would highly recommend McLerran & Associates to any dentist looking to sell a practice.”
Melissa Triplett, DDS (Fredericksburg, TX)

“After 28 years of practicing dentistry, I decided it was time to sell my practice.  However, wanting to do something and actually doing it is entirely different. Brannon Moncrief with McLerran and Associates helped make my dream a reality. I was impressed with Brannon from our first phone conversation to the last meeting where I closed on the sale of my practice and building.  His experience, intelligence, relentless energy, and sincere concern, made all the difference.  I give Brannon a 5 Star rating and recommend McLerran and Associates to any dentist looking to buy or sell a practice.”
Jeff Jones, DDS (New Braunfels, TX)

“I would highly recommend Patrick Johnston and Tom Guglielmo at McLerran & Associates to any dentist who is looking to buy, sell, or transition their dental practice. Having utilized McLerran & Associates to facilitate the sale of my practice, I can personally attest to how important and helpful their services and guidance were during the transition process. From the appraisal to the time we signed the contract, their team was always there to assist me and the buyer in a professional and timely manner. I commend them for helping us structure a “win-win” transaction for both me and the buyer, which was my paramount objective. I am grateful to McLerran & Associates for a job superbly done.”
Jesse Kirkpatrick, DDS (Baytown, TX)

“I would like to thank McLerran & Associates for assisting me with the sale of my dental practice. I had a unique situation and very short time frame to work with but Brannon Moncrief was up for the challenge. He handled the entire process in a timely and professional manner and located an experienced buyer who was a great fit for me, my staff, and my patients. I found the transition process to be both financially and professionally rewarding and I am grateful to McLerran & Associates for their expertise and guidance.”
Paul Craven, DDS (Austin, TX)

“I am extremely grateful to Brannon Moncrief with McLerran & Associates for succeeding where other practice brokers had failed. The sale of my satellite practice was a difficult task due the proximity of my main office. He was instrumental in finding the right buyer who could see the upside potential the office had to offer. Brannon’s involvement made it a win-win transaction for both the buyer and seller and ensured the process went smoothly from start to finish. I am happy to recommend McLerran & Associates to anyone looking to sell a practice.”
Elizabeth Lowery, DDS (Austin, TX)

“I selected McLerran& Associates because they are the most well-known dental practice broker in the Houston area.  In just the first week my practice was on the market, they showed my office to five potential buyers and I accepted an offer!  From that point forward, their team walked me through each step of the process and kept me informed as things progressed towards the closing. I was very pleased with the professional way in which they handled my practice transition and highly recommend McLerran & Associates to my dental colleagues.”
Vernon R Jones, DDS (Houston, TX)

“When I decided to sell my office after 44 years of practice, I had no idea who to call but had seen McLerran & Associates’ ad in the Capital Area Dental Society newsletter. Brannon Moncrief was the young man I talked to about selling my practice.  He expertly handled everything from the first phone call to the closing and made a potentially stressful process very smooth and effortless. I found Brannon to be very personable, knowledgeable, and mature beyond his years. I could not have asked for anyone more professional and would highly recommend him to anyone considering buying or selling a dental practice.”
Richard Weber, DDS (Austin, Texas)

“After 10 years in private practice, I found myself in the fortunate position of needing to form a partnership with my long term associate, as well as adding a third dentist to our practice. McLerran & Associates was recommended to me by a colleague who is well-known and respected in our profession. They completed a detailed valuation of my practice in a timely fashion.  I was impressed with Brannon’s attention to detail and appreciation for the unique aspects of the marketplace, as well as the unique attributes of my practice. He was immediately responsive anytime me or my partners had questions and his advice and responses were always detailed and thoughtful. I would recommend McLerran & Associates to any of my colleagues seeking similar professional advice and in fact would most certainly work with them again myself if given the opportunity. Thank you for a job well done.”
Lindsey Hoppe, DDS (Austin, TX)

“Working with McLerran & Associates was a breeze! Brannon Moncrief and David McLerran provided everything my office sharing partner, Dr. James Miller, and I needed to set up our practices for a successful sale. They began showing the practice almost immediately after listing the office and, although it took several showings before they found someone really interested in the practice, they never slowed down their efforts to find the right fit. And of course the final result was excellent! I would work with them again and recommend their services to any doctor interested in selling their practice.”
James Degutis, DDS (Austin, TX)


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