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Dr. Truc Dinh (Willis, TX)

I first met Patrick (Johnston) when I was looking for a practice to buy.  I worked with multiple brokers in order to find the perfect practice, and although I didn’t find what I was looking for, I was most impressed with the professionalism and responsiveness of McLerran & Associates.  . . .When it was time to sell, I chose (McLerran & Associates) to represent me.  Shortly after listing my practice, (they) had an open house scheduled with multiple potential buyers.  I had 2 offers almost immediately after the open house.  Patrick ensured that the transition went smoothly and fought for me every step of the way . . . I would highly recommend the services of McLerran &...
Patient Retention Following a Dental Practice Sale

Patient Retention Following a Dental Practice Sale

One of the concerns most often expressed by our potential buyers is “I am afraid the patients will leave the practice after the seller is gone.”  While there may be a small amount of patient attrition following a dental practice sale, the vast majority of patients will remain with the practice so long as the transition is handled properly (the average attrition rate is less than 10%). In order to understand why the attrition rate is so low, let’s examine a practice transition from the patient’s perspective: The patient receives a letter from their dentist announcing the sale of the practice, introducing/endorsing the new practice owner, and thanking/asking patients for their continued...
Buyer Hot Button Issues

Buyer Hot Button Issues

When we are helping our clients sell a dental practice, questions often arise after several buyers have looked at the practice information, maybe even visited the practice, but decided not to make an offer. While this can be frustrating for our sellers, we encourage them to remember that it can take time and effort to find a willing and able buyer for their practice. Our preferred strategy to maximize practice value and reduce the stress and time required to sell a dental practice involves addressing common issues that buyers have before the practice is placed on the market. In this two-part article, we will review the practice attributes that today’s buyers are paying close attention to –...
Lease Considerations When Buying a Dental Practice

Lease Considerations When Buying a Dental Practice

Dentists who are buying a dental practice will have 1,001 questions that need to be answered before the acquisition is complete. Many of these questions will be related to the lease and it’s important for buyers to have realistic expectations regarding this part of the process. Relocating a practice to a new space shortly following a transition will involve a substantial capital investment and can cause considerable irreparable damage to the goodwill of the practice. For these reasons, securing a long-term lease is a crucial element of any practice transition. Assuming the real estate is not part of the sale, the buying dentist will be dealing with either the landlord or the landlord’s...
The Art of Negotiation

The Art of Negotiation

As practice brokers and transition consultants, we are regularly involved in the negotiation of letters of intent, asset purchase contracts, restrictive covenants, partnership buy-in agreements, associate employment agreements, lease agreements, space sharing agreements, listing agreements, commission agreements, real estate purchase contracts – a fairly long list!  Some negotiations go very smoothly, both parties are satisfied, and the particular deal is completed in a timely manner.  Other negotiations can be bumpy, with emotions running high, and seemingly no end in sight to the deal being completed. In advising dentists on how to buy a dental practice, and on how to sell a dental...


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