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Unpacking DSO Affiliations – EBITDA, Practice Valuations & Deal Structures

Unpacking DSO Affiliations - EBITDA

The dental industry has experienced an unbelievable amount of consolidation by private equity-backed DSOs over the past five years. With the industry evolving at a rapid pace and market conditions constantly shifting, it is imperative to understand your options and chart a course to maximize your outcome from a DSO affiliation. In this webinar, we’ll discuss current market conditions, EBITDA and practice valuations, DSO deal structures, and how to position your practice for a successful DSO affiliation or private equity partnership.


  • Private Equity & The Consolidation of the Dental Industry
  • Current Market Conditions – The Impact of Rising Interest Rates, Capital Constraints & Economic Uncertainty on the DSO Marketplace
  • Understanding EBITDA, EBITDA Multiples & Practice Valuations from a DSO Perspective
  • Deep Dive Into DSO Deal Structures
  • 5 Most Common Mistakes Sellers Make in a DSO Transaction
  • How to Maximize Your Outcome in a DSO Affiliation – Why Economics & Deal Structure/Fit Are Equally Important
  • Case Studies – Real-World Examples of Recently Closed DSO Transactions

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