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Dr. Robert Cody (Corpus Christi, TX)

I was encouraged to solicit the help of McLerran & Associates to handle the sale of my dental practice based on their impeccable reputation & expertise. They did not disappoint! Working with David & Brannon was a pleasure and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to sell their practice. They assisted in all matters with great patience, wisdom, and professionalism. They were readily available at all times throughout negotiations and continued that professional courtesy during the closing process. After 40 years of private practice, working with two gentlemen who were so sincere, knowledgeable and trustworthy made the transition into retirement much easier. I will be...

Happy New Year

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7 Tips To Appraisals

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Dr. Matthew Heck (Austin, TX)

We had a great experience with McLerran & Associates. My wife, who is also a dentist, and I had been looking for an acquisition opportunity where we could practice together. Through our involvement in the dental community, we had developed a great relationship with Brannon & David of McLerran & Associates. They helped us navigate through a number of potential deals before finding the practice that was a perfect fit for us. Brannon was our primary contact throughout the process of purchasing the practice and he could not have been more professional or responsive. We were extremely thorough in our due diligence and Brannon was very patient with us from the beginning to the...

Dr. Archie Imperial (Austin, TX)

I want to thank Brannon and David with McLerran & Associates for their hard work in assisting me with the sale of my practice. They handled my situation with compassion and professionalism and we’re always there to answer my questions and guide me through the process. Their experience and advice proved to be invaluable in making my practice transition a success.

David Citek, DDS & Diane Friedrich, DDS (Houston, TX)

I would highly recommend McLerran and Associates for any Dentist that is looking to sell their practice.  Patrick Johnston was very instrumental in making the sale of my practice a success.  The company is well known and respected and because of that, they have a wide variety of prospects that approach them.  I never felt any pressure to accept a client or an offer, which was great!  When I signed a contract, Patrick and the circle of experts within McLerran and Associates worked diligently and efficiently to bring the deal to a close.  I am forever grateful to McLerran and Associates.

Dr. Kruti Khara (Missouri City, TX)

McLerran & Associates, in particular Patrick Johnston, have been a blessing to work with. Patrick was extremely receptive and flexible in understanding our transition plan to sell the office and provided his professional recommendations as well as pros and cons with other options. I trusted that Patrick had my best interest in mind and never felt pressured to make a quick decision.  Having to deal with lenders, attorneys and multiple vendors, I quickly learned how valuable it was to have an experienced agent on my side. I would go back to McLerran & Associates in the future and have already recommended them to my colleagues.

Dr. Paul Craven (Austin, TX)

I would like to thank McLerran & Associates for assisting me with the sale of my dental practice. I had a unique situation and very short time frame to work with but Brannon Moncrief was up for the challenge. He handled the entire process in a timely and professional manner and located an experienced buyer who was a great fit for me, my staff, and my patients. I found the transition process to be both financially and professionally rewarding and I am grateful to McLerran & Associates for their expertise and guidance.

The Importance of a Good Fit in a Dental Practice Transition

Individual dentists have greatly increased their productivity over the last decade, thanks to increasingly sophisticated technology and expanded duty staff. Adding annual increases in billing rates to this, it’s no wonder that a large number of single-dentist practices now generate over $1 million in collections and that an even larger number generate over $675,000. When owners decide to sell a dental practice of this size, the two biggest questions on prospective buyers’ minds and asked in anticipation of a successful dental practice transition are: Can I produce what the seller is producing? Can I afford this dental practice acquisition opportunity? For those dentists desiring to sell a...

In a Dental Practice Transition, the Numbers Count – How Fees Affect Dental Practice Value

Many dentists claim they don’t have time to apply sufficient attention to business matters such as overhead expenses, supplies and a marketing plan even before a dental practice transition occurs. Others just admit that they have a hard time getting motivated to give business matters the attention needed. The fact remains, dentists should do everything in their power to make time to maintain the business side of the practice especially if they want to sell a dental practice in the future. Every day, dentists all over the country will call their accountants or other advisers and say, “I feel I’m not doing well.” When these same dentists are subsequently asked about the status of their...


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